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We want to help you install a brand new floor in your home or office; first find a color you like. We carry a wide variety of choices that cater to any living or work space. After you pick a color fill out the contact form and we will respond shortly in regards to your free professional in home estimate. Our highly trained estimator will quickly calculate your total square footage and give you a final "not-to-exceed" quote.

US Wood Flooring® can fully install laminate wood flooring for as low as $1.99 per square foot; that includes underlayment, molding and carpet removal. Our installers are highly trained and can install most homes in one day. Our prices are significantly less than our competitors and our materials are covered by a 25-year warranty. When you are ready to schedule an installation simply contact us by phone or email to book it.

Durable Flooring

Golden SapelliOur laminate wood floors are suitable for high traffic areas as well as homes. The floor is protected by a film on top and an underlayment on the bottom. The underlayment protects against water damage and softens the impact of walking. This makes laminate ideal for people with hip, knee or back problems. Concrete, hardwood, and ceramic floors are not conducive to healthy joints. Ceramic can crack or chip and be very expensive to replace and carpeting is easily stained and can have a musky odor. Linoleum is very slippery and considered unsafe for many people. With laminate floors you have less to worry about. Maintenance of laminate wood floors only requires sweeping and an occasional lightly damp mop. That's all you need to keep a laminate floor looking like new.

Affordable Flooring

In short, laminate wood flooring is the best choice for either a home or a business. Beautiful, green, cost-effective and joint-friendly, there is simply no other product that will meet your needs as well. With maintenance at nearly nil and priced competitively, laminate should be your first choice in flooring.Contact us now for a free estimate.

Choose US Wood Flooring®

US Wood Flooring® is one of the largest laminate wood flooring companies in the United States. We have more then 1 million square feet of laminate flooring in stock. Explore our inventory and find out why US Wood Flooring® is the best manufacturer and installer.

Proudly Servicing South Florida

We are ecstatic to be serving the South Florida area. It is our wish to be the go to laminate flooring company for Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward Counties. We are always growing and our company invests itself greatly in the Miami, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale communities. We believe everyone should have affordable, quality laminate flooring and that all people deserve quality flooring product for cheap. So remember US Wood Flooring® as your inexpensive flooring option in South Florida. Explore our website and see the array of services we offer you, from laminate flooring in 8.3mm laminate and 12.3mm laminate to high gloss and hand scraped finishes. Do not forget that we also offer molding, underlayment and installment, all for prices that average half of our competitors.


Green UnderlaymentBlue UnderlaymentSilver Underlayment

When you look at photos of completed installations, unless you know something about flooring already, you probably don't think much about what goes under the pretty part. A good quality underlayment is just as important as good quality laminate flooring which is why we provide you with three "sound" choices: standard silver foil underlayment, blue soundproof underlayment, and green soundproof underlayment. Each underlayment option is waterproof and provides a vapor barrier necessary for South Florida's climate.

Transition Moldings

Choosing the right molding is key to an attractive flooring installation. We have a wide array of molding options such as: standard 5 and 1/4 inch baseboards, 3 and 1/4 inch baseboards, flexible baseboards, transition molding, flexible transition molding, quarter rounds, flexible quarter rounds, stair noses, and reducers. Our quarter rounds come in either prime white or matching color, which means the same color as your floor. Whatever your situation calls for, we have the type of molding you need.

Quarter RoundsFlexible Quarter RoundsTransition MoldingsFlexible Transition MoldingStair NoseLaminate Stair BoardReducersEnd Cap Flexible Baseboard

Baseboards - 69¢/LF for 5-1-4 and 49¢/LF for 3-1-4

3 and 1/4 inch Baseboards5 and 1/5 inch Baseboard

While technically a type of molding, baseboards stand on their own as the golden standard of floor to wall transitions. Here at US Wood FLooring® we take pride in having some of the best prices and quality of prime white baseboards in the industry. You can choose from our 3 & 1/4 inch or 5 & 1/4 inch baseboard sizes - the difference is only 10¢!

Stair Installation - Only $750 Installed for 14-16 Steps

Laminated StairsUS Wood Flooring® will provide you with additional expertise right in your neighborhood. We have certified Installers that stand behind their work just as we stand behind them. Laminate wood stairs are a beautiful addition to your home or business. We provide the look of hardwood flooring without the hassle. When you have our professionals install your laminate wood flooring you won't have to worry about placing the panels adjacent to a light source, or how to adhere panels to stairs, the work is done for you so all you have to worry about is appreciating your new flooring aesthetic.

We Recycle Carpeting!

At US Wood Flooring® we believe in protecting our environment for future generations, this is why we are actively participating in recycling programs for used carpet. Carpet is basically created out of plastic and plastic does not biodegrade. Recycling carpet converts it into composite lumber for decking or sheets, roofing shingles, automotive parts, and much more. We only get one planet so it is important to try to keep it!