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Laminate Flooring for your Miami Home or Business

Soho - 12.3mm Hand ScrapedRustic - 12.3mm Hand ScrapedPark Avenue - 12.3mm Hand ScrapedPinot 12.3mm Hand ScrapedMadison - 12.3mm Hand ScrapedAfrican Teak - 12.3mm High GlossChestnut Brown - 12.3mm High GlossGolden Oak - 12.3mm High GlossWhitewash - 8.3mmSouthern Oak - 8.3mmNatural Bamboo - 8.3mmMoonlight - 8.3mmHoney Bamboo - 8.3mmGolden Sapelli - 8.3mm Dark Chocolate - 8.3mmClassic Beech - 8.3mmCherry Teak - 8.3mmBlack Rosewood - 8.3mmAmber Cherry - 8.3mm

Miami Laminate Flooring

US Wood Flooring® is conveniently located across South Florida with stores in Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, and Delray Beach. Our Miami Gardens store is located adjacent to the Home Depot off of the Palmetto Expressway. We have a gorgeous showroom with courteous staff waiting for you to call or visit.

Quality Laminate Flooring For Everyone

US Wood Flooring has something for everyone at low, unbeatable prices. We carry a permanent inventory so our customers can rest assured that if they want to start another project using the same materials they know they can. We have some very popular products such as Black Rosewood and Golden Sapelli that you can explore in our gallery, or you can find a classic example of wood flooring such as our Classic Beech, or Whitewash.

Sturdy Laminate Wood

We carry quality 8.3mm laminate flooring for $1.99 per square foot fully installed. Many companies find it suitable to sell 7mm and 6mm laminate wood. But we believe that our customers should get a floor that’s guaranteed to last, which is why we made our minimum thickness 8.3mm. We also offer our premium 12.3mm varieties of laminate flooring for a great low price as well. US Wood Flooring® also provides a peace of mind for it’s customers through it’s 25-year manufacturers warranty.

Amazing Cash & Carry Prices

There are many Floridians in Miami that love to do it themselves, if you are looking for a DIY project for your own enjoyment and to save a lot of money, then visit our store and check out our selection. We carry a wide selection of 8.3mm laminate wood for only 99¢ per square foot. US Wood Flooring’s 99¢ per square foot price point can put any home renovation under budget, so make sure you visit one of our convenient locations in Palm Beach, Dade, or Broward.

Why Should I Use Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a relatively new building material; it was invented in the 70’s and has gained popularity since it’s inception. The basic idea is to create a sturdy material that can mimic and type of wood. Manufacturers produce laminate wood flooring using a material called MDF (medium density fibreboard) and a protective laminate layer. The manufacturer then creates an image of a wood grain pattern and sandwiches it between the MDF and the laminate protective layer. Using this same process US Wood Flooring has designed its business model to create beautiful colors and have their prices adjusted to be as low as possible so anyone can afford to remodel their home.

The argument of laminate flooring versus hardwood flooring is one of practicality versus extravagance. We realize that everyone loves wood floors, when you enter a home it’s one of the primary features you recognize and it sets the tone for the entire house. If you could have those beautiful floors at less than half the price then you would probably buy them. The reason people go with laminate is because they themselves cannot tell the difference and they can certainly use the extra savings. At US Wood Flooring we offer those savings with the added value of professional installations, molding, underlayment, and carpet removal. Call or click today!

Good news! We service Miami! Browse our collection of beautiful flooring and redefine your home today.

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