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Laminate Floors

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Laminate Floors offer a variety of advantages over any other type of flooring. Laminate flooring is durable, affordable and beautiful. These new and exciting laminate floor surfaces look like real hardwood at a fraction of the cost. There are over 50 stains and patterns to choose from. This flooring is versatile, goes with any decor and is easy to care for.


Laminate flooring finishes are more durable than traditional pine flooring and offer the same resilient strength as hardwood without the delicate nature of a traditional finish. Laminate finishes are stronger and more durable than traditional lacquer and waxed hardwoods. Laminates require very little cleaning or maintenance. They can handle heavy traffic patterns and repel moisture until it can be wiped dry. With reasonable care wood laminate floor coverings will last a lifetime, unlike carpets and vinyl coverings which require replacement every decade.

Easy Care

Laminate wood floors require very little care. Simply sweep as needed and run an occasional damp mop. Spot clean spills with the sweep of a paper towel or cloth. Even sticky spills wipe right up with a damp sponge. There is no waxing, buffing or scrubbing with oil soap. These modern finishes stay bright without traditional wood care.

Environmentally Sound

Some laminate floors are made of renewable pine and others are made from bamboo. Bamboo is also renewable. Hardwoods used in traditional hardwood floors deplete the existing supply of oak and other natural hardwoods. Therefore wood and bamboo laminates protect our natural resources even as they provide superior floor covering. Carpets and vinyl contain petroleum and harmful chemicals while wood and bamboo laminates finishes are environmentally friendly.


Laminate flooring displays all the timeless beauty of costly hardwood at a fraction of the cost. For only $1.99 per square foot homeowners can have laminate floors installed. The price includes the flooring, your choice of underlayment and the labor of installation. For do it yourselfers the price is only 99¢ per square foot. Free estimates are available to determine how much flooring you will require and how much installation will cost for the area covered. Estimates are free.

Wide Variety

Choose from a wide variety of laminate floor finishes to fit every taste. Select Brazilian cherry for its expensive looking warm red glow or go with a rustic finish. There are dark and light wood finishes, from Dark Chocolate to whitewash. African Teak, Golden Sapelli, Chestnut Brown, Black Rosewood, Southern Oak, Classic Beech, Rustic and even apple wood finishes are all equally beautiful, and equally priced. The price is the same regardless of selection.


Wood tones are generally considered neutral and can work with virtually any décor. Unlike carpet styles and vinyl floor covering finishes, wood floors do not date your home and make it seem to fit into a certain décor style or category. Redecorating is so simple. Just replace the area rugs and furniture without giving a second thought to your floor finish.

Easy to Install

The best thing about laminate wood floors is that they are so easy to install. Simply remove your existing floor covering and spread the underlayment over the sub-floor. In addition flooring can be installed over ceramic tile, concrete and even vinyl floor coverings if they are intact. The flooring pieces are tongue and groove, so they fit together easily. Simply lock the pieces into the obvious pattern. No nails or screws are required. Finish the edges by placing the moldings. Despite the ease of installation it’s really very cheap to have laminated wood flooring professionally installed by an expert.

Matching Moldings Available

In addition to flooring, we offer a wide variety of thresholds, crown molding and baseboards. Our reducer thresholds smooth out any difference in height between rooms. T molding thresholds divide rooms of equal height. Stair nose moldings safeguard your steps as you climb wood laminate stairways. Wood laminate moldings come in a variety of sizes from three and five eights inches to eight and one quarter inches. The threshold and moldings come in a vast assortment of styles and stain colors to match any decor.

Excellent Choice

Laminate wood or bamboo flooring offers an inexpensive alternative to all other floor coverings. It is environmentally sound, cheap to have installed, and very durable. Wood laminates are reasonably priced because they are not expensive to make, but they are top quality products that will endure a lot of high traffic, messy spills and heavy weight without buckling, staining, or scuffing. The finishes are all the same price so home owners can choose the pattern and color they like, without worrying about price. Laminates are easy care finishes that hold up well with simple sweeping and damp mopping. Most of all though, laminate wood floors are beautiful, timeless and adapt to the trends in décor. They are more affordable than carpet and competitive with the cost of the cheapest vinyl flooring. Overall, laminated wood or bamboo flooring is the right choice for a beautiful floor to last a lifetime.

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