Does Us Wood Flooring Have A Showroom I Can Visit?

We Have 3 Showrooms Conveniently Located In – Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale And Miami.

I Am A Realtor And Own Many Properties. Do I Need To Be Physically Present For The Installs If I Am The One Paying?


What Is The Difference Between 12.3MM Compared To The 8.3MM?

12.3MM is A Sturdier Laminate And Gives A Quieter Sound When Walking On It.

Why Do We Consider Us Wood Flooring The Best?

Quality, Price, And Level Of Service

Is 12.3MM More Resistant To Water Than The 8.3MM?


What's the minimum cost for an installation in my area?

Please refer to this map.

Why Is An Estimate Needed In The Process Of Installation, Being That I Already Know The Square Footage?

We Need To Be Able To Measure And Know Exactly How Much Material To Bring And What Moldings And Transition Pieces Are Needed.

Does Us Wood Flooring® Carry Only The Laminate Flooring, Or Do They Carry Baseboards And Other Products In Stock As Well?

Us Wood Flooring® Carries Everything You Need To Install These Floors Including Transitional Moldings, Stair Nose, Underlayment, Quarter Rounds, And Baseboards. Soon To Include Cleaning And Laminate Care Products.

Is Laminate Resistant To Dents And Dings?

The Wear Layer, Combined With The Strength Of The Core Make Laminate Highly Resistant To Scratches, Dents And Dings. Better On HPL Than DPL. HPL: High Pressure Laminate (More Dent Resistant) DPL: Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL Accepts Texturing Better, Allows A More Realistic Look).

Can Laminate Wood Floors Be Installed Over Existing Floors?

Yes, Laminate Can Be Installed Over Wood, Concrete, Ceramic Tile, And Vinyl-Sheets.

What Benefits Do You Have Going With The Sound Proof Underlayment?

Sound Proofing Underlayment Would Provide An Exceptional Sound Reduction.

Yes. All Of Our Showrooms Have Our Products Installed There On The Floors And Walls For The Clients To See First Hand To Help In Choosing A Color Finish.

Does Us Wood Flooring® Carry Only The Laminate Flooring, Or Do They Carry Baseboards And Other Products In Stock As Well?

What Makes Laminates A Better Choice Than Hardwood Or Engineered Wood In Florida?

There Are Many Third Party Test Available That Shows, Do To The Heat And Humidity, Laminate Wood Floors Not Only Holds Up Better, They Are Easier And More Affordable To Replace, Repair, Or Even Install. Also We Manufacture Our Products So You Will Always Have A Perfect Match When Replacing Or Repairing An Area.

Is Laminate Pet Friendly?

Yes, As Long As You Keep You’re Pet’s Nails Trimmed And Paws Are Kept Cleaned.

Do Laminate Floors Need To Be Acclimated?

No, Hardwood Floors Are The Floors That Need To Be Left In A Home For 48 Hours To Adjust To Home Temperatures. Our Floors At Us Wood Flooring Are Ready To Be Installed!

Is Laminate Moisture Resistant?

Laminate Floors Are More Resistant To Spills And Moisture Than Solid Woods And Carpets.

What Is Laminate Made From?

A: Laminate Is Made Up Of 4 Layers. The Bottom Layer Is The Stabilizing Layer; Made Up Of Moisture Resistant Resins, Above This There Is The Core Layer; This Is Made Up Of High Density Fiberboard, On Top Of The Core Layer Is Added A High Strength Paper Along With Decorative Paper, The Top Wear Layer Is Provided By The Melamine Resin; This Makes The Laminate Flooring Highly Resistant To Scratches, Burns, Dents, Stains, Etc.

Can Laminate Be Removed And Reused Easily?


What Happens If I Am Moving Furniture In After The Install Or My Children Are Rough Housing And Someone Kicks A Molding Lose Or Damages It, Will Us Wood Flooring® Charge Me To Come Out And Fix It?

No, Us Wood Flooring® Will Come Out For Free And Re-Glue Or Replace The Molding As Long As Claims Are Made Within 30 Days.

Are Your Products Formaldehyde Free?


I Do Not Know The First Thing About Laminates Or Construction. Where Can I Learn More About The Product And Procedures?

You Can Visit Our Website At www.Uswoodflooring.Com, And Find Everything You Need There Including A Do’s And Don’ts Sheet, Warranties, Colors, Products, You Name It.

Does Us Wood Flooring Accept Many Types Of Payment?

Yes Us Wood Flooring® Takes Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Personal Checks, Pay Pal, Bank Deposits, And Certified Bank Checks. We Just Ask That What Ever Form You Use, The Funds Must Be Available By The Morning Of Install.

Does Laminate Look Fake And Cheap?

Laminate Floor Technology Has Come A Long Way Since Its Introduction. Laminate Floors Do A Very Good Job At Looking Like Real Wood.

Are There Many Styles Of Laminate To Pick From?

Yes, View The Pictures On Our Website Or Visit Our Beautiful Showroom So We Can Show You The Different Styles And Colors We Offer.

Is There A Location Where I Can Come In And See The Product Installed?

Yes. All Of Our Showrooms Have Our Products Installed There On The Floors And Walls For The Clients To See First Hand To Help In Choosing A Color Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Is Carpet Removal And Removal Of The Furniture Free Of Charge?

Yes, We Will Move Your Furniture And Remove And Recycle Your Old Carpet At No Charge.

How Durable Is A Laminate Floor?

A High Quality Laminate Is Resistant To Wear, Fading And Staining. So It Will Look As Good As It Did The Day You Installed It. Just An Occasional Cleaning Is Needed.

Is Laminate Resistant To Scratches, Wear, And Tear?


Does Us Wood Flooring® Deliver?

Yes, Us Wood Flooring® Will Deliver Anywhere There Is A Port Or Within The Continental Us. Local Orders Over $1000.00 Ship For Free!

Are We License And Insured?


What Is Hand Scrape?

Hand Scrape Is Textured Laminate.

What Is Our Laminate Rating?


Is Installation Easy?

Yes, Installation Is Very Simple, No Glue Or Nails Required.

Does Us Wood Flooring® Work With Builders, Contractors, Property Managers, And Insurance Companies To Help Walk The Process Through Or Orchestrate Multiple Installs For A Client?


Does My Staircase Need Underlayment?

No. Laminate Is Glued Directly Onto The Existing Floor.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Our Showrooms Are Open From 8AM – 5PM Monday – Friday

Can Laminate Be Used With Radiant Floor Heating Systems?


Do You Have Contractor Or Bulk Pricing Rates?

Yes, Us Wood Flooring® Has Price Brackets For Any Client Or Contractor Who Would Like To Purchase Just The Materials, And Install Themselves.

What Days Does Us Wood Flooring® Install?

Every Day Except For Saturday And Major Holidays.

Does Laminate Floors Have A Long Life Cycle?

Yes, Laminate Last 20-25 Years. Maybe Even Longer Depending On How Well You Manage Your Floor.

Is Laminate More Economical Than Hardwood Floors?

Yes, Laminate Is Relatively Less Expensive Than Other Flooring.

What Is The Difference Between Cork Underlayment And Sound Proofing Underlayment?

Cork Has Fair Sound Proofing And Is Mainly Used As A Very Affordable Build-Up Material That Can Be Used To Create Level Transitions. Sound Proofing Underlayment That Is Made From Rubber Offers Optimal Sound Reduction.

Is Laminate Resistant To Stains?


How Long Have We Been In Business?

Us Wood Flooring® Opened In 2005.

Is There Any Product I Can Add To The Floors To Bring Their Shine Out.

Mineral Spirits (Can Be Found At Any Home Improvement Store)