We will move your furniture.
Please use this checklist to help your installation go smoothly: 

  • Please ensure that power and lights will be available for our mechanics
  • Wood and laminate installations require air conditioning.
  • Remove all breakables and valuables (all jewelry and items in china cabinets and knick-knacks)
  • Remove books from bookshelves
  • Remove items on closet floors and low hanging clothes in closets
  • Remove sheets, spreads, and pillows from beds (your bed will probably be disassembled to be moved.)

We recommend contacting professionals to move any custom furniture items of this nature. We are able to move most standard electronics (televisions & stereos) if disconnected and labeled properly. We cannot be responsible for high-end electronics and computer systems. Please move these items prior to your installation date.

We will dispose of most old flooring removed from your house. We cannot be responsible for any hidden alarm, phone or other wires. Our mechanics will remove all installation scraps from the site.

We do not cut doors. We will remove them but we cannot re-hang them if they need cutting.
Thank you again for purchasing your flooring from US Wood Flooring.


Preparing for Installation​

Please remove any open containers in your refrigerator if it is necessary to move the appliance. Arrange to have disconnected ice makers, gas stoves, dryers, etc.. We will move any appliance at no charge once disconnected.


Installation and Appointment Policy​

We will attempt to schedule your installation as soon as possible after receiving the material. Fifty percent of the total payment is collected when installation begins, and the other 50% will come due upon the completion of the job. Please make sure we have your work or mobile phone number so that we can confirm an installation date and time. Starting and finishing times will be given as AM or PM. Please make sure a responsible adult is available for the job since they will be required to sign off before and after the job as well as answer any questions that the mechanics may have.