Our laminate floors are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, from 8.3 to 12.3 mm.

Step 4:​​ Trim The Frames

In this step, we will cut into the door frame and use the plank as a guide when cutting to allow room for the flooring.

Surface Texture​​

Customers can choose between hardwood or high gloss for a lot of shine. The next step is the installation process. Our team of trained professional staff and installers will work you every step of the way, collaborating with you and asking your input so that the completed project matches your vision.

Step 7:​​ Enjoy Your New Floors

This is unequivocally the most rewarding part of the installation process: enjoying the fruits of your labor. Finally, we will conduct a walkthrough with you to ensure that everything is in place and to your satisfaction. You will be glad to know that our floors have a 25 year warranty. US Wood Flooring® is the solution to all of your flooring problems, whatever the need. If you live in the greater south Florida area and you have a new issue with your floors, contact our local office for affordable and reliable service. Our team of professional staff is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction in all aspects of laminate flooring installation and soundproofing. Contact US Wood Flooring® today for a free estimate! 


Laminate floors are available in a wide variety of colors, from Dark Chocolate to Whitewash.

Laminate Flooring Installation​

$1.99 per Square Foot Fully Installed!

Step 2:​​ Clean The Floor

We will clean the floor to get rid of debris and, if dealing with marble or concrete surface, make sure it is cured before installation.

Step 6:​​ Transitional Molding

We will install a base molding between the floor and wall. This last step is an option for those who want to complete the look.

Step 3:​​ Install The Water Vapor Underlayment

We will lay the padding down one row at a time.

Step 5:​​ Installing The Floor

Installing the laminate floor is based on a "tongue and groove" system, as each plank fits into another.

An underlayment is beneficial to floors for several reasons. It protects against water vapors in the humid air that can deteriorate floors. Secondly, it can help facilitate noise reduction in the living or work space. Thirdly, laminate floors are better for the joints and are easier to walk on than concrete or carpet floors. Whether you are a business or home owner, US Wood Flooring® understands that you have your reasons for choosing a laminate flooring project. For nearly a decade, we have served the greater South Florida area in a variety of floor installation and soundproofing needs.

We work with only the best materials to ensure that the floor of your home or business is fully insulated, protected, and secure. We carry a variety of padding types that are ideal for sound proofing, from Standard silver foil and Green soundproof, to blue soundproof foil. Each material is 3 mm thick and is available at one-hundred square feet per roll.


Customers will also have an opportunity to choose between two thicknesses of baseboards during the installation process. Our baseboards come in thicknesses of 3 1/4" and 5 1/4" to accommodate a wide variety of needs and styles.

The process for creating your ideal laminate floor is simple and hassle-free. Simply call US Wood Flooring® at one of their Miami, south Florida, or Hollywood, Fl locations for a free estimate. Our professional staff will then travel to your home, examine the perimeters of the living or working space, and provide a cost estimate and targeted project completion date. During this time, customers will also have an opportunity to browse our wide showroom selection of laminate flooring designs that will best fit their needs.

Standard Silver And Blue Soundproof Foil​

These types of padding are used in multi-story high rises, as it is often required for each floor to maintain optimal silence. In addition, they are equipped with waterproof cell technology to block sound and maintain a floor's fresh new look.

Green Soundproof Underlayment​

This type utilizes acoustic technology for the greatest soundproofing results. Also, it is ideal for blocking harmful vapors that can deteriorate floors.

Step 1:​​ Purchasing The Boards

Temperature and moisture can adversely affect laminate wood planks. Make sure you purchase the right materials from a dependable manufacturer. At US Wood Flooring® we stand by our materials with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.