This warranty does not cover any floor damage that may result from any of the following:​

No US Wood Flooring installer, salesman, or other employee has the ability to change in any way, shape, or form any part of any US Wood Flooring warranty. We allow 30 days from the time of installation for complaints to be filed. Any work that does not have a complaint filed against it within 30 days will be considered complete, and we will be under no obligation to do repairs on such floors. All water damage whatsoever, however, voids the client’s right to any repair work even within the 30 days.

US Wood Flooring excludes fully and will not be held liable for or pay for special, consequential, or incidental damages under any of its warranties. The above exclusions refer to losses, damages, or expenses that may result from some defect of the flooring but that do not directly concern the flooring itself. We offer no warranty outside of our our explicitly stated limited warranties.

Laminate Flooring Warranty for US Wood Flooring​

Failure to follow proper maintenance and care procedures
• Accidents, misuse, or outright abuse
• Sand, spiked shoes, high-heel shoes, rocks or pebbles, or inadequately protected furniture
• Water, including water caught underneath the floor
• A poor subsurface
• Extreme temperature and humidity levels
• Harsh treatment by a vacuum cleaner
• Pet urine

We are a laminate flooring installation company in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and south Florida area. This warranty applies to our laminate wood flooring products and services.

Our manufacturer’s warranty covers all defective, faded, or otherwise damaged material but is limited to the bounds of the original manufacturer’s warranty. This does not cover installation. To receive installation services, customers must request it from US Wood Flooring. We offer excellent underlayment and surface coverings for a variety of floors. Upon request, we can give our clients a free estimate on the price of installing a new laminate wood floor.

Our 25-year product warranty begins at the purchase date, but it only applies if the floor was maintained according to our floor-care instructions and saw merely light commercial or normal residential usage. Our installation warranty extends for 30 years. These two warranties only apply to the original purchaser. If a purchaser does not opt to have US Wood Flooring install the product, improper installation methods can affect the validity of the product warranty we offer.

Within the above parameters, we warrant that the floor will not wear through its decorative print surface layer during the 25 years. For the same period and under the same conditions, we warrant that it will not fade due to exposure to light, stain, nor show significant wear. We warrant that, upon purchase, the flooring will be free of manufacturer’s defects.