Once the prep work has been done, you are ready to install your new laminate stairs. Unlike the prep work, in this case, you start from the bottom and work your way up.

You will start this process by installing the stair treads. As the tread is placed on where the plank will go, you will want to use glue on part of the tread and then nail the edges. Once this is complete with all of the treads, you are ready to install your planks.

Now you need to lay your laminate flooring onto the risers with glue on the bottom. The laminate will stay secure after you place a small amount of glue on the entire back portion of the stair nose. Secure the stair nose to the risers and you have completed your first stair. Repeat this step with the remaining stairs and you have your new flooring installed.

It is not difficult to install your laminate flooring stairs but it is an art form which, if it is not done perfectly, you may experience some imperfections. For the best results, US Wood Flooring® offers professional installation starting at just $750.

The stair nose is the front piece of the stair that provides a blunt end to each stair. When you order the laminate flooring for your stairs it is important that you also order the right number of stair noses to complete the job. All you need to do to find the right length of the stair nose is measure the stair from side to side. If the length is 38”, then you can order any stair nose that is longer. You can cut down the stair nose to the right length but it is not recommended to use two on one stair. It is also recommended that you order at least one extra nose to allow for mistakes.

Installing Your New Stairs​

Removing Old Flooring​

Measuring your stairs before your installation will give you and your flooring specialist a better grasp of how much material you need to order. If you do not order enough flooring, then it is likely that you will have to wait 2-3 weeks or more for the additional flooring leaving your stairs unfinished.

Before you begin measuring, you need to take care of the overhang on the old stairs. This is where the stair hangs over the riser. If this is not removed, it will make an uneven surface in the new flooring.

When you are measuring your stairs, it is important to keep in mind that while the standard stair measures 36 inches wide by about 12 inches deep, every staircase may be different. If you have custom stairs, they can actually be any size, which is why it is important to always have correct measurements. You will start by measuring the top part of the stair from the front to back. Then, you measure the same piece from side to side. Multiply these two numbers and you have your square footage of the stair. Measure the front part of the stair the same way to get the square footage for that part. Then add the square footage by the number of stairs you have for both pieces, this is the amount of laminate flooring you will need. After you measure, always add in 10-15% extra to leave room for mistakes. It is much easier to have extra than not enough.

Finding the Right Stair Nose​

Uneven Surfaces and Creaky Stairs​

Before you put on any new flooring, you want to fix any imperfections in the stairs themselves. If there are any rough spots or uneven spots on the stairs, you can take a scraper, sandpaper and some wood filler to repair the spots that are not perfect. In the case of creaky stairs, they are likely caused by loose fittings. The easiest way to fix this is to put in new screws and fasteners into the problem stairs. This fix takes minutes when you are down to the bare stair.

Laminate Wood Flooring Stairs​

When you are considering laminate floors, you also need to consider adding the new flooring to your stairs. Stairs are one place that people tend to forget when ordering flooring; they either do not add in the stairs or they add in the wrong dimensions for the stairs. It is important that you know exactly how to prep your stairs for your discount laminate flooring. Once your stairs have been prepped and you have your measurements ready, you can then order your laminate flooring stairs through US Wood Flooring®, serving all of south Florida including Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

When you begin the task of installing your new laminate flooring stairs is to remove the old flooring. If the old flooring is carpet, you will need a few tools to get the job done:

Tools needed

•  Hammer
•  Pry bar
•  Carpet Knife
•  Pliers
•  Gloves

Before you do anything, put on your heavy-duty gloves in order to protect your hands from staples, nails and other debris that may be pulled up. Then you take your carpet knife and make a scribe around the edge of each stair. Once the splice has been made, starting at the top stair, use the pliers to get a good grip on the corner piece and pull until it releases from the stair. As the first stair is released, you can simply pull the rest down until there is no more carpet left on the stairs. If the material gets to be too tough, you can use the pry bar to help get up what is left.

Once you have all of the carpet removed, you will need to pull off the carpet padding. This is very fragile material so even though it is likely stapled on, it is easily pliable and will release with ease. Then take a scraper and scrape off the staples and other residue that is lingering on the stairs.

Preparation and Measuring Stairs​