US Wood Flooring is dedicated to providing the best quality service in all of the South Florida service area, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County, Jupiter & Port Saint Lucie. With services ranging from: laminate flooring installation, laminate wood stairs installation, baseboard transition moldings and so much more. We are fixated on providing our customers with an unparalleled installation experience. US Wood Flooring also provides our customers with free estimates to ensure you don’t have to do much besides choose which laminate wood flooring/baseboard style best suites your renovation or installation needs. Our quality assured estimator will visit your home, or office workspace, to properly measure and provide pricing for any of your flooring/baseboard inquiries.

Our laminate flooring installation process is quite simple from start to finish, ensuring the best quality results in the least amount of time necessary. Whether you are a client interested in having your floors installed, or the DIY master simply interested in installing the flooring yourself, we have a detailed list of laminate flooring tools available for rental. US Wood Floorings’ quality assurance checklist ensures our customers are satisfied from start to finish. We are able complete laminate flooring /baseboard installation in any home, office workspace, or condominiums alike.

US Wood Flooring is truly dedicated to saving the environment, in which we will recycle any old or unwanted carpets. Say goodbye to the typical runny nose, or dry throat, caused by underlying dust, and pet hair. Creating an allergen, and asthma, healthy environment in your home or office workspace is one way to elevate your current style of living and levels of productivity. Our laminate wood flooring, and underlayment, guarantee a noise and dampness reduced interior in any setting. Along with US Wood Floorings 25 year manufacturer warranty, we guarantee the best possible customer satisfaction rating amongst our competitors.

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